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Welcome to the Bar Z Ranch, where we have everything that is great about hunting in Deep South Texas, miles of brush country and a lot of huge bucks.

Spanning LaSalle and McMullen counties, the Bar Z has been one of the area's best kept secrets, so far anyway, when it comes to hunting big whitetails.

Keep reading and you'll see why...

The Bar Z Ranch is 4,000 acres of high-fenced South Texas mesquite brush and prickly pear heaven. Country that spreads out across shallow rolling hills and flat plains that is typical of this eastern region of the famed "golden triangle".

We began trophy managing for whitetail deer in 1995 by initiating 2 full years of strict management hunting combined with high volume protein feeding. Hunting for trophy class whitetails started in 1997, and we never dreamed we'd be able to grow the kind of tremendous bucks we were able to produce in such a short period of time.

You need 3 ingredients to grow big deer: age, genetics and nutrition. We already had the genetics. We boosted the nutrient supply and allowed our deer to mature. Our next step was to employ our management plan in conjunction with sound hunting tactics in order to grow a healthy deer herd that was capable of producing monster whitetail bucks. And guess what?

2008 Photos

Bar Z Ranch
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That's exactly what happened.

"We want to hunt big deer. And we want you to hunt big deer. Bottom line." - Russell Zboril

All hunts on the Bar Z are package hunts. All hunts are guided hunts and all are rifle hunts.

Our package hunts are all inclusive. That means all you have to do is show up.

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